DAZZLEAF Full Ceramic Cartridge 2ml CBD 510 Thread - 1pc


Unveil the pinnacle of vaping excellence with the DAZZLEAF Full Ceramic Cartridge 2ml, meticulously designed to offer a premium CBD vaping experience. This pack of five full ceramic cartridges is a testament to quality, functionality, and exceptional performance, catering to CBD enthusiasts seeking top-tier vaping solutions.

Pure Ceramic Innovation:

Experience purity and unparalleled flavor with the full ceramic construction of DAZZLEAF cartridges. Crafted with high-grade, heat-resistant ceramic material, these cartridges preserve the natural essence of your CBD concentrates without interference from metallic or synthetic tastes, ensuring a clean and authentic vaping experience.

Enhanced Vapor Production:

The 2ml capacity of each cartridge provides ample space for your preferred CBD oils or concentrates, allowing for extended vaping sessions without frequent refills. Furthermore, the advanced ceramic heating element ensures efficient vaporization, delivering smooth draws, and maximizing vapor production for a satisfying experience.

Universal Compatibility:

Featuring a 510 thread, these DAZZLEAF cartridges offer universal compatibility with a wide range of 510 thread vape pens and batteries. Effortlessly attach these cartridges to your preferred vaping device, allowing you to enjoy your CBD blends with convenience and ease.

Precision Engineering for Quality Assurance:

DAZZLEAF prioritizes precision engineering and quality control, ensuring each cartridge meets stringent standards. Leak-resistant design, coupled with superior craftsmanship, guarantees a mess-free and consistent vaping experience, allowing you to focus on savoring the pure essence of your CBD concentrates.

2mL Capacity 510 Thread
Oil Intake Hole Size: 1.8mm*4
Resistance: 1.2ohm
Airway Size: 1.5mm
Weight: 12.5g
Reservoir Material: Glass
Ceramic Center Post
Heating Core: Quartz Ceramic
Screw On Top Round Ceramic Mouthpiece
510 Thread & Copper Base
Core Temperature Dependent of Voltage
Airways compatible with most cartridge batteries
Silicone Tips & Silicone Bottoms Pre-Applied
External Printing on Reservoir

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