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Vape Kits and Vape Pod kits

When you purchase a refillable vape kit from either our vape shop here in Sydney Australia or our online vape store, please make sure to wait up to 10 mins before initial use. Simply fill up your device with your favourite e liquid or vape juice and off you go! It's important to choose the correct ejuice for the type of vape device purchased.

Eliquids Vape Juice

When purchasing eliquid from our vape shop, it's important to choose the correct e juice viscosity. A small refillable vape pod system will have smaller replacement coils and generally speaking, you will need to choose a runnier vape juice like 50%VG and 50%PG. Big vape devices are better off with a thicker ejuice like 70%VG and 30%PG. E Liquids like, Fruit Monster, Vapetasia, Basix, Dinner Lady and Twist liquids are still made for bigger devices and e juice brands like Cloud j pod series and Fcukin Flava eliquids are suitable for vape pods or smaller devices. Always let your vape device sit for 10 mins after you fill up with ejuice for the first time. This will allow the cotton inside the replacement coil or replacement pod to absorb the vape juice and will make your coil last longer.

Disposable Vape Pods

Best suited for those who can't be bothered with replacement coils or refillable type vape kits. We currently stock Gun Pods and Vitabar but we've always got new brands on the way like HQD and IGET. Be sure to check back every few weeks for newly added disposable vape pens... Our disposable vape pods do not contain nicotine unfortunately but definitely a good way to quit smoking! Simply tear open the packaging, start vaping and discard when done. Gone are the days of carrying around those big ol' tube mech mods and since disposable pods are so small these days, you won't need 3% elastane and that extra notch on the belt buckle!

RTA's Rebuildable Vape Tanks

Be sure to grab an RTA tank if you feel like you need more flavour! Over the years we've found rebuildable atomizers bring out different notes from your favourite eliquids. Vape juice is getting sweeter and more complex with heaps of different flavour agents crammed into one bottle. RTA's help distinguish different notes on your inhale and exhale. Dual build decks will require a 2 battery vape mod with either 18650 or 21700 vape batteries. Single build decks work well with a single battery mod and mesh build decks can use either, since the mesh is quite responsive. Of Course you'll need to add your own cotton and wire, so be sure to check out our latest cotton wicks and premade coils!