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Free shipping Australia wide over $50. Please make sure to check if the vape mod you are purchasing either from our vape shop in sydney or from our online vape store requires purchasing additional batteries. Some vape mods have internal batteries. Long-term vapers choose vape mods because they provide significant gains in battery life and performance over pod style e-cigarettes, as well as a level of personalisation in your vaping experience that you can't obtain any other way.

Box mods combine powerful, high-capacity battery sections with 510-threaded compatible tanks, either MTL or sub-ohm tanks, as well as RBAs and RDTAs. Standard mods use either single, double or even triple 18650 batteries. We stock a wide range of regulated box mods to meet and exceed your vaping needs. You can rely on Vape Electronics to incorporate the latest features at the most competitive prices, whether you are looking to build a new vape setup or replace your existing regulated vape mod. Shop with us so that you can choose between different sizes and power outputs. We guarantee that every time you choose to shop from our online vape store, you will have a unique, high-performance experience.

Vape Mod FAQs

Because they are a modification of the typical e cigarette or vape pen, they are known as vape mods. Vape mods have been modified to include larger batteries for more power and hence more heat, as well as larger tanks to allow you to vape for longer periods of time and make greater clouds. Modern vape mods also contain a number of complex functions that you won't find on a typical e cigarette.

How do vape mods work?

The battery and circuitry required to heat up the coil, which evaporates the e-juice, are found in vape mods. For the optimal pull, modern mods provide you with a lot of control over the wattage and temperature of the coil. Mechanical mods are exactly what they sound like: instead of using an electronic circuit, you connect the battery to the coil mechanically when you use one.

How long do vape mods last?

Modern vape mod batteries often last 300 to 500 cycles, depending on the quality. Most mods nowadays use 18650 batteries, which are charged to 4.2 volts and then discharged to 2.6-2.8 volts before being charged again. If you get a mod with replaceable batteries, you will be able to keep using the device eternally.