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Ecig Vape Subohm Tanks

Are you in the market for a new vape tank, also known as a clearomizer? We have a wide selection, from additional clearomizers for your starter kit to more sophisticated clearomizers with features such as larger tanks that can hold more ejuice or adjustable airflow that allows you to further customise your vape. Kanger, Aspire, and Innokin are among the brands we carry. All of the clearomizers we sell come with replaceable coils.

Vape tanks are capable of producing delicious-tasting vapour, which is one of the reasons vaping is becoming so popular. They accomplish this through a variety of methods. Depending on the desired outcome, the coil type is critical. Sub-ohm coils and higher airflow are the greatest ways to achieve huge clouds if cloud size is a priority.

Sub-ohm tanks are easy to use, but because they are a little more involved than pod kits, we only recommend them to experienced vapers. Sub ohm simply implies that they work with coils that are less than 1.0 ohm in resistance. Because it's the replaceable coil, not the tank itself, that comes in different ohms, this pretty much covers most tanks.

Another great aspect of Vape tanks is the inexpensive price range, which makes a high-quality tank accessible to vapers of all budgets. Whether you choose a low-cost vape tank or a high-end model, the quality will undoubtedly be good. Our range also includes a number of well-known brand names, so you're likely to find some old favourites – or maybe new ones to try.