GAS MODS 3 IN 1 510/810 Drip Tips


Here comes GAS MODS 3 in 1 Drip Tips, which includes 510 drip tip and 810 drip tip. 510 drip tips are for atomizers with 510 drip tip; 810 for atomizers with 810 drip tip. 3pcs each pack. Get them as spare parts.

Physical Parameter:
VOL1 Black (POM) /Ultem (PEI) /Clear (PC)
VOL2 Blue (POM) /Red (POM) /White (POM)
VOL3 Pink (POM) /White (POM) /Yellow (POM)
VOL1 Black (POM)/Frosted (PC) /Ultem (PEI)
Type: 510/810
Quantity: 3pcs/pack

Packing List:
1 x GAS MODS 3 in 1 510/810 Drip Tips

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device.

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