White Note Vape E liquids and E juice 50ml

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White Note Vape E liquids and E juice 50ml 50%VG/50%PG

Black Note Since they launched their new line of e-liquids, WHITE NOTE, six years ago, we have been the first to provide it. The exact same naturally extracted tobacco flavours with fresh flavouring additions!

Kentucky tobacco combined with sweet licorice flavours, smoothed out by cocoa and mint cream with a crunch.


Sicilian orange is masterfully mixed with Syrian Latakia tobacco. a collection of experts on tobacco.


Roasted almonds, Madagascar vanilla bean, and sweet caramel are added as accents to Virginia tobacco.

Tobacco Flavour by Black Note

Tobacco Flavour is Naturally Extracted from Real Tobacco Leaves.

ISO7 Certified Clean Facility

Alcohol, Sucralose, and Diacetyl FREE

Small Batch

VG/PG ratio: 50/50

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