IMREN K3 USB charge lithium battery charger 3 Slot

IMREN K3 USB charge lithium battery charger 3 Slot

K3 is a high-end smart charger configuration, this product has three independent charging
channels, can meet for 3 day lithium battery charging at the same time. Can choose a different charging current when charging, in order to meet the needs of the slow charger, fast charger. When charging the LED display the electrical state of each rechargeable batteries.

Products set up special management to charge and discharge circuit, multiple safety protection Settings, which can effectively prevent reverse connection, short circuit, over charge and discharge, over-current damage to the battery, allow the user to use safety.
This product can meet DC3.6 V / 3.7 V cylindrical different models of lithium battery, wide
compatibility, strong practical performance.

Main Specifications:

1. 0.5A constant charging current:500m A±5%;
2. 1.0A constant charging current :1000m A±5%;
3. 2.0A constant charging current :2000m A±5%;
4. Cut off charging voltage:4.2±0.05V;
4. Constant charging/ cut off current :1/10 of max. charging current
5. External power source:<20.0m A;
6. Trickle charge current( battery voltage2.0-2.9V): 1/10 of max. charging current
7. Activate current( battery voltage <2.0V):10±1m A;
8. Auto recharge voltage :4.10±0.03V
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