MIlkman Classics - Lemon Pound Cake - 60ml

MIlkman Classics - Lemon Pound Cake - 60ml

The Milkman line of premium e-juice was developed in Los Angeles by Vaping Rabbit creator Barbara Villegas. Original inspiration for the brand came from the simple, wholesome and delicious milkshakes we all imagine were staples in any 1950s American diner, but fresh innovations and modern twists have pushed this line above and beyond. The Milkman line of indulgent, creamy e-liquids quickly grew into one of the world’s most popular brands, and after a taste you’ll understand why.

The creation of Milkman Classics was inspired by the simplistic and wholesome lifestyle of the 1950s. Our mission is to deliver you quality flavors that have been reimagined for your everyday enjoyment.

Flavor Profile:

Cake Cake Cake! Indulge in a fluffy and smooth slice of Lemon Pound Cake. A taste so rich that you may feel the need to share a slice with your friends.When life gives you lemons, make lemon pound cake.

RLemon pound cake topped with delectable icing


Bottle Size: 60ml
VG/PG: 70/30

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