The vape chemists at Cream Team scoured the ice cream factories of the earth, searching for the perfect inspiration to craft their dream flavor. After several long months of searching, they returned to their vape lab and blended one of the most decadent and creamy flavors that will certainly have you screaming for more! Three separate batches of ice cream were crafted for this flavor, slowly churned three times to ensure creamy goodness in every spoonful. In the first batch, freshly scraped stalks of exotic vanilla, imported fresh from Madagascar, were slowly stirred into the ice cream for a thick and speckled dessert. In the second batch, heaping handfuls of summer strawberries were lovingly poured in. The berries stained the sweet cream a luscious shade of pink while infusing it with a luscious berry flavor. And finally, molten milk chocolate is added to the third batch, transforming an ordinary batch of ice cream in a rich and decadent chocolate delight! Enjoy a freshly churned trinity that sets itself apart from all other ice cream dessert flavors, from the inhale to the exhale. Satisfy your curious vape taste buds with the vape flavor of the ages, featuring sweet and creamy flavors of milk chocolate, summer strawberry, and classic vanilla!

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device.

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