Golisi S43 26650 4300mAh 35A Rechargeable Battery

Golisi S43 26650 4300mAh 35A Rechargeable Battery
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Golisi S43 26650 4300mAh 35A Rechargeable Battery


Golisi S43 26650 is a high performance 4300mAh rechargeable lithium battery with 35A high constant current applications. The IMR 26650 battery can be recharged for more than 500 times and is enough to run various high drain devices. Compared to traditional batteries, it is more powerful, environment friendly, safer and economic to use. Best choice for you!

Main Feature:
4300mAh high capacity and 35A Max continuous discharge current
Light weight and higher energy density than ordinary rechargeable battery
Long life time, can be recharged more than 500 times

Physical Parameter:
Product: Golisi S43 4300mAh IMR 26650 Battery
Size: 26(Dia) x 65(H)mm
Model: 26650
Capacity: 4300mAh
Constant Current: 35A
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Discharging cut-off voltage: 2.75V
Charging temperature: 0 - 45 Celsius
Discharging temperature:-20 - 60 Celsius
Storage temperature: -20 - 50 Celsius
Fully charged time: down to 2 hours(by using Golisi charger)
Applications: widely used in vaping gears, portable / flash lights, home tools, toys, camera, portable DVD, walkie-talkie, battery pack for e-bikes, PC, drones, power bank...

Packing List:
1 x Golisi IMR 26650 4300mAh High-drain Battery - 35A

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device.

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