Liqua Vape E-Liquids

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Liqua Smoke Juice is the best quality e-liquid manufacturer using premium ingredient from Italy. With a strong tradition in food flavouring their e-liquid is made from their knowledge, expertise and passion for nothing but the best quality ingredients to provide high quality e-liquid flavours to satisfy even the most demanding vaper. Liqua's timely and professional level of service has given them a reputation as one of the most established and respected e-liquid manufacturers in USA, Europe and around the world. Now, here is your chance to taste one of the best eliquid in Australia. Buy Liqua eLiquid in various flavours right here in Australia. We are directly sourcing these eliquids from Ritchy's Liqua so you can be sure that you are getting the genuine products.

Why Liqua Smoke Juice?

Cartridges are the recurring expense of any electronics cigarette. Rather than continually using and throwing away cartridges, why not refill them? For this purpose, we have created LIQUA Smoke Juice. LIQUA eLiquid comes in a variety of flavors and can be used with any electronic cigarette that supports refillable cartridges. The basis of LIQUA e-liquid is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

LIQUA Ejuice is designed by RITCHY Group in USA and manufactured in China.

  • LIQUA ejuice uses only USP ingredients. PG comes from P&G. VG comes from DOW.
  • LIQUA ejuice uses only European food flavours from professional Italian Flavorists.
  • Each LIQUA ejuice bottle and box specify strength (0 nic only at this point) ,flavour, contents, expiration time and directions.