Disposable Vape Pens and Pods

We will be adding more disposable vape pods to our collection each month so be sure check back for new products! Free Shipping over $50 when you shop from our online vape store and we have these products in stock at our vape shop in sydney. We ship Australia wide and orders are dispatched on the same day before 3pm.

Vape Electronics has the greatest disposable vape kits in Australia, and disposable vape devices are ready to vape right away. Disposable vape pens are available in a variety of flavours, ranging from mango to menthol, and deliver a powerful e-liquid/vape juice hit to vapers. 

Disposable e-cigarettes are appealing because they are so simple to use. You use one just like a cigarette, by puffing on it. The main difference between smoking and vaping is that while using a disposable e-cigarette or any other vaping device, you must puff slowly and softly to get the largest vapour clouds possible. It's almost out of e-liquid if the device's flavour quality starts to deteriorate. The battery will be dead if it stops producing vapour. The vape should then be discarded and a fresh one should be used.