Aspire Qbix RBA Pod 4ml is created by a Greek team of vape designers and engineers named Atmizoo. It is a beautifully simple RBA system for your Aspire BOXX Kit. You can easily harness your favourite custom coil builds in minutes. From MTL to DL, the BOXX and inoluded pod systems can allow you to vape exactly how you love. Extra RBA AFC Pinchoices bring added flexibility, on-the-go.

Parameters of Aspire Qbix RBA Pod 4ml

Build Deck:Single Coil Build Deck
AFC Pin Diameter:∅0.8/∅1.0/∅1.2/∅1.5/∅1.8/∅2.0/∅2.5/∅3.0/∅3.5/∅4.0(Preinstalled)

Features of Aspire Qbix RBA Pod 4ml

➤Single Coil Build Deck
➤Fit for Aspire BOXX Kit

✔ 1x Qbix RBA Pod 4ml
✔ 10x RBA AFC Pins( 1*φ0.8mm, 1*φ1.0mm, 1*φ1.2mm, 1*φ1.5mm, 1*φ1.8mm, 1*φ2.0mm, 1*φ2.5mm, 1*φ3.0mm, 1*φ3.5mm, 1*φ4.0mm preinstalled)
✔ 1x RBA AFC Adaptor (preinstalled)
Simple packing.Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

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