Vandy Vape Simple Tool Kit Pro

Vandy Vape Simple Tool Kit Pro

Vandy Vape Simple Tool Kit Pro


Vandy Vape DIY Simple Tool Kit Pro is a compact and affords set of essential tools in a durable zippered carrying case. It includes one Ceramic tweezer, three screwdrivers, two Inner- hexagon screws, four Coil Kits and a Scissors and Pliers. All tools are high-quality and made to reach various needs of users. It is convenient to carry.

Brand: Vandy Vape
Product Type: Tool Kit

Physical Parameter:
Size: 165 * 100 * 40mm

Packing List:
1 x Ceramic tweezer - H130 * W10
1 x Flathead screwdriver - 2.3-2.0
1 x Phillips screwdriver - 3+2.0
1 x Inner- hexagon M3 screw - 2.5 H1.5
1 x Inner- hexagon M4 screw - 3.5 H2.0
1 x Coil Kit2.5 - 6 * H47
1 x Coil Kit3.0 - 6 * H47
1 x Head Screwdriver - 12 * H86
1 x Coil Kit - 14 *
1 x Coil Kit - 14 * H75
1 x Folding Scissors
1 x Diagonal Pliers

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device.

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