Liqua Smoke Juice - American Blend 30ml

Liqua Smoke Juice - American Blend 30ml
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American Blend does not conceal delightful, giving a naturally cut bit of American Blend with each taste. A full yet delicious flavor and charming completion all through. Whether you smoke a little or a great deal it doesn't matter, delight in all of it!

E-Juice American Blend conceals crisp heavenly from naturally cut ??American Blend with full delicious flavor and agreeably sweet closure. It is well known particularly among less serious smokers, however it is additionally mainstream by consistent smokers for its sweet and reviving smell too.

The American Blend steadfastly reflects the taste of the bright leaf tobacco regularly known as "Virginia Tobacco." It is portrayed by its extraordinary, adjusted flavour and average sweet smell, which is additionally underlined by sensitive clues of nectar. It is a stand out amongst the most prevalent tobacco enhances in our portfolio.

vape Juice American Blend reliably reflects the taste of the American Tobacco Virginia. It is portrayed by its extreme, adjusted flavour and by agreeably sweet smell.

Which is underlined by fragile clues of nectar. It fits in with the most prevalent tobacco seasons in our portfolio.

Liqua eLiquid Package Contains :

1 x Liqua smoke juice - American Blend 30ml bottle

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