Demon Killer Vape Tool Kit is a multi-functional tool kit for DIY, which includes 8 kinds of tools. The Vape Tool Kit is convenient and useful. Get it as a spare part.

Brand:Demon Killer
Product Name:Demon Killer Vape Tool Kit Multi-functional DIY Coil Tool Kit for Rebuildable Atomizer
Type:Accessory | Vape Tool Kit | DIY Tool Kit
Launch Date:November 12, 2018

➤ 1. Small size, transportation cost is low.
➤ 2. Use thick material, very durable.
➤ 3. Complete tools are good for RDA.
➤ 4. The newly designed multi-function starter can also be used as a decompression toy.

✔ 1 x Cutter Pliers
✔ 1 x Folding Scissors
✔ 2 x Coil Cleaning Tools
✔ 1 x Glasses Cloth
✔ 1 x DIY Coil Jig
✔ 1 x Ceramic Tweezer
✔ 1 x Bent Tweezer

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